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Aslan's Journey

This article was written to our Facebook page August 27, 2013. It is reprinted here as it was originally posted. Much has changed since then. It doesn't seem like it has been that long already that Aslan came to live with us in our ministry. We post this without any modifications because we want those who read it to understand what we were thinking and experiencing in that moment in time and not where we have progressed to. This was a huge step for our ministry and it laid the groundwork, especially in mental preparation, to be able to handle the even bigger acquisitions and challenges that have come since this time. AN ASLAN SIZE SACRIFICE  A little while back, I was perusing my usual Narnia contacts to see if anything new had come up for sale and one of my contacts of which I’ve never purchased anything from had a new item… The reason I’ve never purchased anything is not that they don’t have good stuff. It’s that they are priced at rich collector’s prices. Most all o

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